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Welcome to Mahalaxmi Ornament Gems And Jewellery, An exclusive showroom from the family of goldsmiths for generations of Shakyas.Traditional professional jewelers, from ancient times, history goes back to Malla Dynasty dated 16th century A.D. of Nepal . We have been serving in Gold, Silver, traditional, modern designs of jewelleries as well as precious and semi precious stones in Kathmandu as "Gahana Nikunj" in Wotu Tole, Indrachowk for decades. Thousands of satisfied customers speak for themselves. Where "Trust" is family value and creation of variety of designs is Heritage. generations of skilled goldsmiths, who handed over their skill of making jewellery to new generation have continued and we are doing the same . This brand new exclusive show-room features gold, silver, precious and semi precious stones, diamonds, jewelleries and ornaments. One can find his/her choice of jewellery piece here. If not, custom design jewellery making on order is just the option one can need to fulfill his/her desire for fine jewellery. Welcome , have an eye in arrays of finest jewelry and stones . We are here to serve you to fulfill your desire to adore excellent jewelries. Experince tradition of jewelry making in true fusion of traditional and modern designs. You definitely will like and adore.
            Namaste !!!!!!

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