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Gahana nikunj means garden of jewelry in Nepali. gahana nikunj is a jewelry store of Nepali typical designed jewelry as well as modern design jewelry in one place. situated in Wotu Tole, indrachowk, Kathmandu, Nepal, it is one stop solution for your all jewelry and ornamental needs. Here you can find variety of gold, silver, precious stones, semi precious stones, variety of trditional ornaments and modren jewelries to choose from. If you have specific design and stone, you can always order to make your special piece of jewelry by simply choosing your choice of stone and metal and we will do the rest.
Timely delivery and customer satisfaction is our tradition and variety of designs is our heritage. you are always welcome to Gahana Nikunj in Wotu Tole, Kathmandu-24, Nepal. Our phone No. is 00977-01-4220119 and e-mail address is gahananikunj@gmail.com Our centuries old heritage of making jewelry dates back to ancient Malla Dynasty in 16th century of Nepal. skill of making jewellery and ornaments have passed on from generation to generation. Nepali designs of traditional indigeneuos culture and religion is available with us. skilled master craftsmen and artisans make excellent piece, one can collect and adore.
Come and find your piece of art and craft in gold and silver jewelry. Welcome to the garden of jewelry and ornaments in Nepal.
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